143. The Witness for the Prosecution

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As regards to world-building: we already know it- it’s England during a certain time period, and all we need are a few clues for us to know exactly where to place the story and what the people are like. If you read enough from this setting, I think it’s easy to enter into these stories without needing a huge set-up. We find it in works by authors like Christie, Josephine Tey, Miss Read, Dorothy Sayers, Elizabeth Goudge, D.E. Stevenson, James Hilton, Patricia Wentworth, P.G. Wodehouse (set a bit earlier, but still very similar), even C.S. Lewis, actually, in the England bits of the Narnia stories.

I agree with Brandon’s wife about the break this type of story gives. It is so satisfying to see a big problem set up and SOLVED without experiencing the stress of it ourselves. A puzzle untangled in a satisfactory way gives us a little bit of an outlet in the middle of busy lives that at times contain a lot of suffering.