137. Catcher in the Rye, Part 2

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I’m gonna have to side with Nathan on this one, and not just because we share a name. C in the R helped me when I was a young man. I’m not sure how old I was but I had a bit more Holden in me than I care to elaborate on. Much of it I didnt see. But reading Catcher helped me see it more clearly, see it as a problem. I wouldnt say this book is for everyone. But it can serve a good purpose. God can use most anything to discipline his children. And for me He used JD Salinger.

Now, I dont for a minute think Salinger wrote this to help people see how much Holden they had in them. But it can serve that purpose. I would be willing to give this book to a young man - I think… in the right situation - and then have a followup conversation with him - “Hey, do you think you have a little too much Holden in you?” We all have a lot of pride, arrogance. Correction can be painful. Or it can be gentle.

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Mr. Salinger my have intended for Holden to be a hero but he didn’t succeed.

I think a niche application is to give us hope that most of the Holdens in our lives don’t stay that way (think about how many men recognize at least a bit of Holden in their past).

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I wonder if the real defense of this book is that all the former Holdens can be reminded what they’ve been saved from and give glory to God?

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I would support that line of defense.