130. Persuasion, Part 3

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You mentioned the several Austen characters named Mary, how they are not generally the more sympathetic characters, to say the least. Of note, Sense and Sensibility features Marianne. Similar name (to Mary). More sympathetic than some of the other Marys but not the character to be imitated.

Appreciated your discussion on Austen’s pretty comment. Austen certainly seems to have had a strong appreciation for Cowper (oft mentioned in Mansfield Park). I’ve not read much Cowper but I assume his poetry is very different from the Romantics. All I know of him is a few hymns and that he had depression and was a friend of John Newton.

Anyway, great work. Keep it up. Praying for this odd literature ministry thing as I enjoy and hopefully grow from it.

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We appreciate it. :slight_smile: @bschasteen, any deep thoughts on Cowper?