127. How to read, Part 2

(Nathan ) #1

New Warhorn Media post by Nathan Alberson:

(Nathan Smith) #2

I read Adler about a year ago after seeing an article about it. I appreciate your guys take and especially your comments on reading fiction, which Adler doesn’t really get into much. I think there’s one chapter at the end.

(Nathan ) #3

Our pleasure as always. I’ve been reading some Adler. He’s very helpful.

(Joseph Bayly) #4

Just had some realizations in the middle of this episode. Saying you have to “scroll back 6 pages” when you’re talking about a physical book is pretty funny since the word “scrolling” comes from the physical form books used to take. Now we read them on a computer and we don’t really have pages anymore so line numbers and the equivalent (kindle location), have returned along with scrolling.

The physical form the book takes definitely affects the mechanics of reading, but also the method I think.

(Nathan ) #5

I agree, Joseph. Although I get discouraged when people are too fussy about recommending one form over another. The optimal form is the one that helps you retain and profit from the information, whatever that happens to be for you.

(Dominick) #6

Crucial reading hack: Listen to the Bookening to find out whether those “must-reads” you haven’t read yet are worth the investment.