119. Bleak House, Part 1

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The Bookening talks Bleak House.

I’ve just paused this episode at the 16:53 mark to come and register my disgust at your pronunciation of the town “Chatham”.

Consider yourselves scolded!


So now I have that weird song stuck in my head… :musical_note: “If I had a million dollars…” :musical_note:

As always, the context segment was interesting and helpful, thanks, @bschasteen! I didn’t know that Dickens worked in the law for a while, but that makes complete sense, considering how much he wrote about it.

I find his works long and wordy, but not terribly so. And in fact, they’re better reading than most modern novels, even with all that verbosity. Perhaps just because I enjoy the variety in his vocabulary and his descriptive powers, but maybe it’s that I don’t mind the “extra” words because I know there are good story bones underneath.


I take zero responsibility for the mispronunciation of any British names. I also take zero responsibility for any hack accents. On this show, at least. :slight_smile: