Wonder Woman 1984: the current state of lazy feminism

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Nice discussion! Happy new year!

Jenkins has been saying that this is supposed to be a movie made in the 80s, a sort of Superman 2.5. Richard Donner is a hero of hers and interviewed her for the DGA screening for the first WW.

That fits the impression I had, that the movie is supposed to be a throwback to before so many superhero movies were Nolan-esque technical thrillers, and I think the proof of that is the maddeningly inconsistent magic stone with its own unshared logic. You could do that kind of thing back then.

That does not mean such an approach to movie-making is desirable or quality, granted. And I wouldn’t believe her if she claimed that she made Wonder Woman’s in-air physics painfully unrealistic on purpose.

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That is correct.

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More insight into ‘why’ Diana’s decades-long fixation on Steve from Patty Jenkins’ interview with Maron (that makes the sex scene more bewildering…)

M: “Where’d you grow up?”

J: “I grew up all over the place[…]My dad died when I was young[…]”

M: He didn’t die in a war?

J: [My dad] died in a plane crash, doing simulated battle.

M: How old were you?

J: Seven.

M: In a plane crash. I can’t even imagine.

J: Yeah. It’s definitely the definitive experience of my life.

M: It’s the worst thing because all you have are these images of fire, of horribleness.

J: Yeah. And can I tell you, at seven, the confusion of, just as you, first of all, you write your identity based on experiences—to get that, where, you don’t even know that could happen, and now it’s like, the person you want to see the most you’ll never see them again. The worst is trying to give you these messages [that] ‘you can dream anything, you can have anything.’ ‘I want my dad back!’ ‘No, never.’

M: […] I think you could have developed [issues.]

J: I don’t believe in any specific religion, but I’ve always been open-minded about everything. In my head, I turned him into the perfect father who’s with me all the time. In the weirdest way, I had a father who thought I was amazing. He never yelled at me; he never told me what to do.

M: Oh, right, so he’s looking over you.

J: Exactly. So I think, in this weird way, I ended up being even more nurtured by my imagination.

M: Your self-parent

J: He was a fighter pilot, he was cool, he was awesome…I was very very fixated on him as a kid. I remember all kinds of things.

M: But not now, even though you have two movies with a fighter pilot in them?

J: Exactly! You wanna go to my well? Drop in.


Oh brother.