We've been warning against Russ Moore for many years...

New Warhorn Media post by Tim Bayly:


Well, Moore has removed himself.

Its very sad. I’m grieved by it. And yet I see reason to be hopeful for repentance from some of the trends and sins in the SBC. And I pray for him.


And as Russell Moore left, he made sure that he didn’t so much burn his bridges with the SBC as nuke them. He had no shortage of enemies by the time he left!

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Aaron Renn called him the Prince Harry of the SBC. Perfect description.


His use of the Paige Patterson debacle in his letter made me angry.

I remarked to a colleague the other day, this gender/sexuality/race madness among Christians will pass. Like the Willow Creek/Saddleback and later Emergent fads, we won’t always be talking about these things. But it’s infuriating that there won’t be public repentance from those who’ve been divisive on these issues. Even when they come back to the fold and give up on their former emphases.

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