Welcome to Sanityville!

Greetings, Friend!

There are just a few things you should know as you explore Sanityville:

  • To see a full list of the topics of conversation, please click the logo in the top left.
  • The Town Charter explains why we built Sanityville and our expectations for everyone who participates.
  • Anyone can view and reply to topics in the Public Square. If you have something to add to a conversation, just sign up.
  • If you like it here, we’d love it if you settled down and became a citizen. Citizenship comes with a few fun benefits:
    1. citizens can create new topics of conversation.
    2. citizens gain access to Hrothgar’s Hall, a place for private conversations.
    3. citizens get the official title and flair of citizenship.

If you have an account and you’d like to become a citizen, first fill out your profile, then click the “Request” button at the top of this page to complete your application.

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