Welcome Sanityville Settlers!

(Lucas Weeks) #1

Wow! The response we’ve had to Sanityville so far has been incredible. We’re so excited, after months of planning, to finally open the doors to you, our Sanityville Settlers.

This is a soft launch, and we’re really depending on you guys to help make the full launch everything it can be. We’ve written a Town Charter (also referred to as an FAQ), and that’s where you should start. Would you please read it and give us feedback in the comments right here under this post?

To get the most out of Sanityville, you need to become a Citizen. To do that, please fill out your profile and then click the “Request” button at the top of this page to apply for citizenship. Once granted, you can create new topics of discussion in The Public Square and access Hrothgar’s Hall.

We want to hear feedback on all of the above, so please drop your comments here in this thread. And if anything is technically broken, please let us know about that, too. And please remember: even though this site has not been publicized yet, everything except Hrothgar’s Hall is entirely public and will be indexed by search engines.

Finally, we want newcomers to see that this forum is filled with with interesting and thoughtful people. :wink: We want Christians who are feeling a little insane to feel sane. So start some conversations! Leave some comments! Your humble and obedient moderators can’t wait to see where you guys take this community.

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