'Twas two nights after Christmas

Twas two nights after Christmas
When all through the studio
All the pastors were fretting and being quite moody, yo
The content was ready for dishing next year
Trusting the money they need would be near
Their wives and their children were huddled in dread
Would supporters come through? Would they have enough bread?
When upon all our phones rang a thousand notifications
Of dollars coming through from our friends and relations
Away to our inboxes we tore like The Flash
Out came the calculators to count all the cash!
We had thousands to go so we could sleep and rest easy
And enjoy our Christmases without getting queasy
But our supporters came through with support for our work
Even though we get silly and sometimes are jerks
So in 2022 we will speak and we’ll write
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


It has come to my attention that this post kinda makes it seem like our needs have all been met. Nope, we still need :moneybag::yen::money_mouth_face::heavy_dollar_sign::dollar: