The rottenness of the PCA

A pivotal moment in the PCA. Pastor Warhurst quotes scripture in support of Westminster Presbytery’s overture, and the assembly goes nuts. Today a protest was made by Kevin Twit against the Moderator for not shutting down the speech. It passed and many men signed the protest. The PCA is rotten. The leaven has leavened nearly the whole lump.

“If you are ashamed of your sin, that’s grace.”

“Let that shame drive you to Christ.”


That’s amazing. The moment chosen to interrupt him is quite telling.

He did a good job, including getting back on his feet after the interruption.


Wow! They wanted to shut that down? That is horrific. I didn’t realise the trajectory had gone so far! There are like-minded ministers in our Qld Church - popular with younger members - who diagnose the state of the church by the opinions of the loudest haters. I’m anticipating a similar catastrophe here. Sadly, it’s not my first involvement with a compromising Church, either, though I was the second generation experiencing the wastelands.

Thank you so much for publishing this video. It is clear that the PCA has checked the Apostasy YES box. I am grateful that the enemies of God are so bold and clear in making their objective clear. Our enemy has only one play in his book: “Hath God said?” Apparently much of the PCA leadership answers “Good question. We’ll study it and get back to you”.


As a second comment: Pastor Dionne, how would a PCA Sheep (for the time being) get documentation on the Kevin Twit’s protest that your referred to in your post? And is this Kevin Twit of Indelible Grace fame?


Yes, it’s that Twit. The minutes of GA will be produced and published at some point. The names of the protesters will be listed there.