The Normalisation of Deviance

(AndreasM) #1

This is an article from 2016, currently discussed on Hacker News. Striking things to me:

  1. this applies not only to flying or engineering but to moral issues too…
  2. the world has even a name for it! Isn’t it weird that Christians warn about normalization of unbiblical behaviour only to be rebuked but when it comes to direct life-or-death or your-money-is-gone scenarios, they accept the line of argumentation?

(Tim Bayly) #2

Yeah, I loved that article. Love,

(Ken Lamb) #3

Very interesting. Even more interesting that had the author spoke of the most insidious deviants, the normalization police would no doubt put him into a nose dive.

(Lucas Weeks) #4

I listened to the article on Pocket yesterday, and I loved his story. I thought the application was a little weak, though.

(Ken Lamb) #5

I take it from his obvious avoidance that he’s from some nation that arrests people that speak truth.