The New Malthusians

The New Malthusians by Lyman Stone (


Thank you, Ben. Appreciate the article. If anyone else sometimes wonders if we’re living in a bizarre game-show where the answer to every question is “…because of an evil Malthusian death-cult,” than I’d say I understand the feeling.

In supplement to the above, I’ll drop these couple links to some short observations on matters of relevance. While not containing anything entirely unknown, I find the reflections offered very useful. Please note the dates of publication on each video, too. So much important thought that would allow for a more comprehensive connecting of themes and agendas has too often just been ignored by us all. We’re paying the cost of being behind the curve. We’re soon to experience significant price inflation in that arena as well.

A note on this first video. One take away as far as ideas for action is concerned would be demanding a FULL repeal of ACA(Obamacare) from elected representatives, particularly those seeking new office. I hear there may be elections this fall, so opportunities exist to encourage them to think creatively. If it’s believed such an idea is unrealistic or an incorrect focus, I’d say it isn’t if we ALL ask together and stay on the ones that pretend to care about conservatism. Removing the legal monstrosity of ACA will throw more barriers in the way of intense near-future evil than might be estimated. And the window for Republican legislators to pretend is approaching an inescapably swift closing.

Just as an extra thought I’ll include this too. Saw it while searching their work for the first video. I remember actually watching it a number of years ago close to Christmastime. Seeing it again now reminded me of some of the reasons I appreciate Aaron and Melissa’s work and also of the nature of my optimism during these times. If the video convicts you, you’re not alone. Is it not in times of deep challenge that the Lord often performs His greatest works? I think the things we’ll all soon face will prove relevant to the theme of this thread and to God’s ability to work conviction and redemption in the hearts of the people of a nation. A Christmas message in (almost) July. :heart: :pray: :us: