The bandwagon of Trump/Covid fury

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I certainly agree about the ugly and decisive nature of Covid and there are many who are doinging it for the gain of popularity or other selfish reasons. However, there are many who are doinging out of a genuine nature that they feel it is an encroachment of government into the worship of the lamb that was slain for the church, his bride.
So taking your passion for abortion and the realization that the church gave up on children for the false sense of accomplishment through a second income. I see this as a big part(not THE) of the lose of the family unit.
As you have talked about the weakness of pastors during the rise of AIDS, rather than resisting culture, they said use condoms rather than rebuke the abomination that is homosexuality then encourage repentance.
So with the masks and vaccines it is with caution I do not comply because I wonder, what are we giving up now? What little step is the government taking and the church giving up now, that we will yet again only see hindsight once it is to late?
The reality of the situation is there are two sides with their own extremes as well as those with their logical and (actually)biblically defended view. I know you excuse conscience arguement and I agree many use it to do as they please but not all. I know you understand this and this article may be written more to those with the extreme intent but I write this from the perspective of one who was under a domineering pastor and elder. I was told to not wear the mask is sin. I saw a cowardice leadership not make their stance known but when any opposed they rebuked them and tried to bind their congregation to their conscience. The reality of Romans 14 and 1 Corinthians 10 seems to me that two apposing consciences can exists and should do so in unity rooted in Christ. Both extremes are divisive and damaging to the body of believers and should be equally condemned.

Jonathan Boggio

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