Supply chain perspective

I just read this article by a British man who worked as a highly paid event planner and consultant, lost his job due to Covid, and then worked as a delivery driver for a while. Recall that their lockdown policies were more restrictive and long-lasting than ours.

He offers some perspective on complaints you hear about the supply chain.


Yes - with some “local knowledge”, I can confirm what this article is saying.

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I am on my way to help unload a shipping container. Our cost per container has jumped from under $7K to over $30K.

That extra $23,000 must be added to the cost of those goods.

That is not internal, subjective expectations. Yes, ideas have consequences. So do printing money, closing pipelines, raising taxes, and conditioning people to see their neighbors and co-workers as a threat.


That’s the same information I received from our wholesaler. We have a small beekeeping business. It is hard enough to be a small biz. This has made it a whole lot harder.