State of the Show

(Nathan ) #1

New Warhorn Media post by Nathan Alberson:

(Eric Wilson) #2

I’m excited about these changes. This will make it much easier to introduce others to the sanity-verse.

Also, I got the feeling that you guys were working at an unsustainable pace.

(Chris Davy) #3

I’m excited about the kids show! What age range do you have in mind?

(Kelly) #4

I think this is all going to be great. I really especially like the idea of some shows with much deeper research.

(Nathan ) #5

Probably it will be more of a family show. Good for all ages kind of thing. Less sex-predator pastors than Sound of Sanity plot episodes have tended to have.

(Chris Davy) #6

So, like the Sound of Sanity take on Leave it to Beaver?

(Joseph Bayly) #7


Now you’ve got me actually wanting to see what they’d do with that. :joy:

(Nathan ) #8

I can neither confirm nor deny what type of show it will be. It may contain a time machine. Who knows?

(Chris Davy) #9

An SOS version of Dr. Who?! I may need to talk to your supervisor… I have concerns…

(Nathan ) #10

Dr who now???

(Chris Davy) #11

Careful! I’m pretty sure he is a British national treasure.

Oh wait… that’s your other podcast.

(Eric Wilson) #12

I wouldn’t enjoy a podcast with more sex predator pastors …