Spider-Man: No Way Home

New Warhorn Media post by Nathan Alberson:

FWIW this is the only Marvel movie that almost brought me to tears. That may say more about my own cold-heartedness than the actual movie but it’s true.
Also, your points about the movie lacking plot and character development were well-taken due to my specific circumstances in watching this movie. My whole family wanted to watch the movie over the break and so we purchased tickets ahead of time. At the last minute, my almost 90-year old grandfather decided to come, more from a desire to spend time with us rather than any affection he has for Spiderman or any super hero entertainment, for that matter. I doubt that he’s ever watched or read anything about super heroes prior to this movie. When we finished the movie and were all gushing about how awesome it was, we asked him what he thought. He said that it was the biggest waste of time that he’s ever seen, that there was no plot or character development, and that we would’ve been better off watching an old John Wayne movie. His response made me love my grandfather even more and forced me to reconsider my initial love of the movie, which was very helpful.