Sexual abuse in juvenile detention centers

Since this will be surprising to some… and since it is important to blow up false assumptions in this area…

Summary: 8-10% of male teens in detention admit to being sexually abused in custody. 90% of the time their abusers are female.

Almost none of our assumptions about sexual abuse are correct.


I remember talking with an inmate at my facility within the last couple years who was this. A female DJJ guard who had had sex with at least one of her charges. I don’t remember if they were male or female.

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Feminists are dreaming if they think that this rule doesn’t apply to them (that is, they think that women aren’t tempted to abuse power), but conservatives have forgotten this as well. On a sort-of related note, there are now too many stories around of what happens when a female teacher has got involved with a vulnerable male student. Nothing ends well.