Saga 1.5 — Just Desserts

(Nathan ) #1

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Thanksgiving brings out the worst in a few denizens of Sanityville.

(Joseph Bayly) #2

This post made me want to pull my hair out. Please tell me this saga has an ending. At some point I need closure.

(Lucas Weeks) #3

Eh, I don’t have much hair left anyway, but it didn’t have that effect on me. I’m looking forward to the big Christmas payoff (for which I have no insider knowledge - just a firm expectation), and I thought this episode was the best one yet.

I’m hoping that someone maps out all the characters somewhere here in Sanityville so that I can keep everyone straight in my head.

(Joseph Bayly) #4

That’s a great idea! The question is, will it be a fan creation or an official guide?

(Jake) #7

The saga has an ending. At some point you will have closure. :sunglasses:

(Jake) #8

Hm. I suppose we could post our actual character doc back here. The one that has everyone’s backstory and relationship to everyone else.

Nah. That’s too easy. :kissing_heart:

(Nathan ) #9

I’m holding out for some fan with too much time on their hands to make a wiki

Yes, sir, that is what I’m holding out for.

(Kelly) #11

Low tech amateur version:

(Joseph Bayly) #12

“Pastor” Stu must die till he’s dead.

And great job! I just got caught up in getting angry at that guy when looking at your diagram.

(Kelly) #13

Oh, me too. And I expect these are not his only victims.

A young man at church told me on Sunday that he thinks Stu should meet some gunpowder. I’m with him!

(Nathan ) #14

He’s kind of a jerk. But what are you gonna do?

(Jake) #15

Well, @per.ardua, I have to say I spot a couple flaws, but all shall be made clear in time. :innocent:

(One of them is that Chadd has two dds). :smirk:

(Eric Wilson) #16

Several thoughts:

  • Didn’t Chadd mention twin babies in the family?
  • How old is Andy Jukeman? The Maggie/Stu baby has to be 20+, right?
  • Why does Stone hate the Chasteens?
  • What was the thing about the camel in this episode? I didn’t quite catch it.

More importantly – am I the only one that thinks that family Thanksgiving/Christmas gatherings are just fun? Am I just missing the drama and infighting?

(Kelly) #17

Andy sounds like he’s about twelve, in those episodes where he’s “helping” Q Sulser podcast. But that doesn’t mesh with Ricki being 18-ish, does it? So is that Andy Jukeman a younger brother of Stu’s baby with Maggie?

I don’t have any ideas about your other questions, except I’ve always found holidays with family to be quite nice. Maybe we’re “privileged”? (what a lovely blessing!)

(Joshua Huizing) #18

He needs to die. Please do not pull any Walking Dead stuff stretching out interminable story beats over multiple episodes. Of course the Thx episode was grand.

(Jake) #19

We’ll do what we do and you’ll like it. :slight_smile:

(Jake) #20

Sort of, but why?
8. Yes.
No comment.
Chip was a special ops Marine. He saw things.
You’re probably not missing it, but it’s been that way more or less for some of us. :man_shrugging:

(Kelly) #21

Mysteries upon mysteries!

(Alex McNeilly) #22

You’re not alone. We really enjoy our times with our family. God has been incredibly kind to us. We both come from strong Christian homes; both our parents and all of our siblings are believers whom we get along with. Both our parents live in Indianapolis, and it’s not uncommon for us to do holiday gatherings with all the in-laws together :hushed:

As we get further in life, we get more grateful for this gift from the Lord. Not even one of our siblings shares the same blessing with their in-laws.