Occult America

New Warhorn Media post by Nathan Alberson:


What is the book you guys mentioned?

Occult America?

Oh duh. I didn’t realize that.

Sorry for the late post after the episode, but I have been thinking a lot about the second great awakening and how it affects everything in baptist and pentecostal churches. I interact with many in those circles and I care about them. So I wondered where do the icky sides of baptists come from in regards to the second great awakening or more specifically Charles Finney? Because of these thoughts, I went back to this episode and ordered Murray’s book and I have some questions.

How much of the evangelical movement from men like Billy Graham is vile? Is Billy Graham the sort of man that we should question as having any benefit to believers? Those questions are basic but I only ask because I know many have found broadcasts of Graham’s stadium revivals inspiring ( or attributed their coming to salvation to it). Men I respect who don’t see Billy Graham as a solid apologist are included. I don’t think Billy Graham is the answer to true repentance in our nation. Yet, I was curious if you guys thought he was slightly different than guys like Copeland or Olsteen or even Finney. I don’t like him, but some disagree with me. I wonder if I should sympathize slightly.

Obviously from the Evangelical movement you have great men such as Joseph Bayly or Francis Schaefer, so I am not asking if there were any good men.


I’ll leave it to men older and wiser to judge Billy Graham—perhaps we’ll do an episode one day. Although I did use a clip of him in the context of bad, anemic Christianity over in Episode 3.1 of World We Made, and let’s say it fit just fine.


I think listening to that was partly why I started thinking in particular about him, and I agree, that was used correctly. I am not making a defensive of him.