No union with Democrats

(Tim Bayly) #1

New Warhorn Media post by Tim Bayly:

(Jeremy Vander Galien) #2

A few thoughts:

  1. I’m not sure if Trump can get re-elected (especially since he caved on the shutdown without funding for a wall), but I plan on voting for Trump for two reasons. One, Trump has been much better than I imagined. I wish I had voted for him two years ago (I wrote in Cruz). Two, the Democrats have lost their collective souls and minds in those two years. I assume there are lots and lots of others like myself who didn’t vote Trump in 2016, are planning to vote for him in 2020 while holding their nose, but now will cast their vote with gladness because of the lunacy of the Dems.

  2. We are going to have a lot of work in the church to take care of our brothers and sisters as the Dems wage open warfare against us. Another way to say it is that some parts of the Bible that we couldn’t relate easily to will suddenly make much more sense. We might start with the imprecatory Psalms.

  3. The prevalence of the obscene by the Dems indicate two things. One, they hate us. By us, I mainly mean Christians but should expand to include anyone willing to disagree, nope, strike that, include anyone who refuses to bow down in worshipful jubilee to their proclamations. Two, they don’t have anything logical or truthful to say. Folks who have to resort to yelling obscenities don’t have anything with which to combat plain truth. This is, at least to my mind, a trait that is and will work against them.

(Joseph Bayly) #3

I’m not sure that his caving on the wall is bad for his re-election chances, actually.

  1. The fact that he kept the shutdown running for as long as he did—even into unpopularity—means that he demonstrated to his voter base his willingness to push hard and sacrifice in an attempt to get it.
  2. I can’t conceive of anybody more Trumpish than Trump (ie populist) coming along on the Republican/Conservative side. Thus, they will have those greater reasons to vote that you point out (ie because of the insane attacks against them by the Democrats), as well as no real reason to vote against him except for the farmers caught in the conflict with China. (Perhaps that is broader than farmers, but I don’t remember seeing others being affected.)

(John M. ) #4

Most of us remember the financial crisis of 2008. I don’t think we could survive such an event in 2019. It’s hard to imagine, but I think we’ve lost what good will existed in this country in 2008 to let our leaders and our institutions manage a crisis.

God help us.

(Steven Chu) #5

Great post. Part of the post reads like the breakfast conversation with Pastor Matt Trewhella at that humble Perkins several years ago. Where do we start? At the church or defy authority through calling lesser magistrates to their task?

I tell my people that the group that is hated most today is the middle class white men. It’s because they represent the last vestige of our Christian heritage, and the godless hate that. I tell them that if they are Asians, that unlike me growing up in the late 70’s in the deep south, they have nothing to worry about. But by the way its’ going, we’re not going to have much of a country left, unless we stand up for what is right. At the very least it involves standing up for the unborn and confronting sexual rebellion against God.

I am at loss what I can do, except to keep preaching, and trying to expose lies, which seems to be everywhere. It fills up many venues of our Christian conferences and it seems so good, because it comes in the name of diversity and tolerance.

(Joel Norris) #6

I wouldn’t be so sure of that. In California, “Asian” is counted as “white” in an increasing number of contexts. E.g., the oft-heard complaint that “Silicon Valley has no diversity”.

(Jason Andersen) #7

Related to this topic, I recently learned of this piece of legislation that was introduced by Democrats in my state’s house of representatives this last week, calling for local school districts to be required to perform mandatory in-the-home interviews on homeschooled children. I am hopeful that this bill will prove dead on arrival through committee, given that we have a Republican-controlled house, senate, and governor’s office. Nevertheless, it is one more example of the reality that Marxist idealism is alive and well in our society.

The ideology of the Democratic party is assaulting the institution and authority of the family on every possible front. And this is something that we as believers must be vehemently opposed to. Our children are not the ward of the state. The government does not exist to supplant the authority of family. And our leaders should be called to repent.

One might object, “Well what do you expect from the unbelieving world?” You are quite right. We don’t expect unbelieving governors or legislators to strive to work justice. I heard it put once, “To exhort an unbeliever to virtue is like throwing a rock in the air and expecting it to fly.” Nevertheless, God commands all men everywhere to repent and bow the knee to Jesus, and this does not exclude those who are in places of power.

(Steven Chu) #8

I think it’ complicated. You’re right in that in many context Asians are counted as whites, especially in education and hiring. But politically speaking, they also tend to lean left, especially the second generation, and can be caught up in a lot of liberal nonsense. The point I was trying to make was just to encourage my church to fight for what’s left of our culture and to take a stand for Christ.

(Joel Norris) #9

I appreciate that, Steve.