Milo Conversion?

I’m still at about 60% thinking Milo is playing a long con… but he’s been saying things that remind me of The Grace of Shame.


“The sins that men leave are hated most” (John Donne, via C.S. Lewis).


Milo is apparently America’s Deborah. Can’t accuse him of gelded language. Feminists take note, you’ve been outdone.

Hmmm. That’s a bit further than I’d go. But, there is a sense in which that observation is tantalizingly possible.

For what it’s worth, I report the these sideline surveillances of Milo.

I first stumbled onto him when he was a columnist for Breitbart. His commentary was usually about current issues in conservative politics, economics, cultural issues.

In regards to the latter, Breitbart about ten years ago published a column by Milo in which he gave a robust and ribald defense of the pleasures of sex between men. It was shockingly explicit. Even evangelistic. It might easily have appeared in the pages of The Advocate. What was this doing in the pages of

Well, I don’t know, of course. I can only report how it appeared to me, namely as a coarse and deplorable form of virtue signaling on the part of Breitbart’s editors, and a tediously pathetic whistling past the cemetery by Milo.

Some time thereafter (I don’t recall how long; it wasn’t very long), Milo emerged as a sort of Balaam’s Ass for Breitbart’s editors on college campuses. He presented the world with all the material/behavioral trappings of a flamboyantly nelly gay man. But he traveled the country in his Simply Divine Gay Bus to college campuses where he would speak with powerful persuasion in favor of standard political/economic conservatism. Of course, t his triggered intense opposition from the ranks of the liberal heads-full-of-mush student body groups, who would mount sometimes violent protests against his appearance. College administrations banned him from on-campus presence. It made for great copy in conservative outlets! “Look! Liberals are shouting down a GAY man, silencing a GAY man.”

Alas, poor Milo wasn’t completely up to speed on his enemies’ tactics. Some student journalist (I think) interviewed him at length and got Milo to admit that he owed his “happy” gay condition to the predations of an older man while Milo was a minor. If that weren’t bad enough, Milo went on to applaud what had happened to him! He even recommended that under-age males ought to experiment sexually with older homosexual men.

Well, once he as on the record with that opinion, his enemies in every sort of liberal press organization laid into him and into for harboring and promoting a sexual predator on minors!

Game, set, and match. It was not long before Milo departed

After that, Milo mostly disappeared from the internet for a number of years. But, I personally encountered him at a Touchstone Conference in 2018. The theme of that conference was “Patriarchy: Fatherhood and the Restoration of Culture.” It is rare for these conferences to feature a woman lecturer, but this one did: a Roman, Rachel Fulton Brown, Associate Professor of History at the University of Chicago. Speakers customarily take questions from the audience after reading their lectures, and the first question came from Milo.

I was shocked. He looked emaciated. Very thin, fragile, almost wispy. His voice was clear, but it had the undertones of a man shouldering a heavy weight. A young father who had accompanied me (I was just on the back side of chemo/radiation therapy for my initial bout of lymphoma), jumped up and approached Milo. I watched them as the conversation between them unfolded for about ten minutes. My companion had also recognized Milo, and he’d also detected the stresses in his soul.

Upon returning to my side, this father related that Milo did not mask the deep sense of despair he felt with his gay condition. He confessed it was sinful, perverse, indefensible. He also despaired of ever finding redemption, forgiveness, or healing from it. He admitted he was destined for Hell, and rightly so.

Of course, my companion tried gently and clearly to assure him of our Lord’s mercy if he were to trust Him. At the time, that presentation of the gospel did not seem to penetrate. It’s possible that Milo’s cradle Romanism raised insuperable barriers to hearing and receiving the forgiveness of his many sins.

Again, that was three years ago. And, now, the video of Milo in the original post above is a Mile very different from what we saw at that Touchstone conference. He is, obviously, still within the Roman fold. He is, obviously, still festooned with the sort of narcissistic features of dress and personal presentation (voice, communicative affectations, etc.). The fetid fragrance of nelliness still wafts from him.

BUT . . .

Is there a change from that despairing soul I saw three years ago? Is that change in the right direction? Might Milo have emerged from a prison of despair and is groping toward our Lord’s mercy?

Our heavenly Father knows. I don’t. But, I am encouraged for Milo’s sake that his feet may have found the path that will lead him toward a redemption he had previously despaired of every receiving. I shall pray for him, that he wil apprehend the forgiving mercy of our Lord.


Thank you sir for your insight and yes of course I agree. My point however, as Deborah was God’s way of shaming Israel, I think Milo is putting a lot of people to shame. Even in his gay effeminacy, he still isn’t half as gay as the evangelicals of the Tim Keller ilk. He’s still more bold than the most butch of feminists. And his speach (his words specifically) are less gelded than even the most respectable conservatives. Balaam’s Ass is probably a better analogy, but I think with his current trend it’s more of a shaming.


Wow. That was a great testimony, Fr. Bill. I remember that conference well. I wanted to go, because my son was attending TIU and I love hearing Allan Carlson. But alas, I couldn’t get anyone to go with me so I didn’t go. Kind of wish I went. Would have prayed for Milo too.

Praying for continual strength to be given to you.

Oh, my! Yes. The typical features of the gay man - the lilting, fruity voice; the flamey, nelly gestures of head and hand - all these are deliberate affections. I’ve seen gay men turn all these personal-presentation features on and off like a light switch.

But, compare these with the typical features of the effeminate academic, or the oh-so-reasonable and measured clergyman - the narcissistic self-deprecation, the precisely structured deference to others’ opinions, the undertones of condescension toward any who might discount their BS. The sort of stuff you find in critical commentaries by liberal unbelievers, a style aped by effeminate “evangelicals” who lust for the acceptance and applause of the academy.

I have never seen this latter sort of effeminacy “turned off” in the way that many gay men can “douse their flame” and present themselves as ordinary males. I’m minded to think that the effeminacy of the academy and the clergy is nigh to impossible to abandon once it’s been adopted by these narcissists.


“A long con,” as in, he’s still queer?

That’s very funny on a number of levels. But as Evangelicals, we must say, “No, he ain’t.”

As one hears MY in various CM clips, you hear of his reverting to his childhood Catholicism, to which Voris was exhorting him over a year ago. The latest interview has Milo talking up a papal monarchy while degrading the US Constitution. No doubt he doesn’t care to remember the 5th of November.

We pray his reversion to traditional Romanism and attendant revulsion of his past lifestyle will lead him to keep seeking and questioning until God answers his questions not with “Rome,” but with “JESUS.”


His latest article for CM: What Happens When You Stop Being Gay?