Michigan Lockdown

As a Michigander, I’ve supported our Democratic Governor’s initial lockdown as necessary, but last week she doubled-down with increased restrictions through April 30.

It’s now illegal to buy seeds, plants, gardening supplies, paint, and home-improvement supplies from any big-box stores. Smaller plant nurseries and retailers are supposedly exempt, but many have been issued cease and desist orders regardless. Even curbside pickup for these items is illegal.

Meanwhile, liquor, lotto tickets, and marijuana are all considered “essential.”

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Fellow Michigander here. This development is not surprising to me considering the species of Governor we elected. My wife is particularly outraged by some of these clearly arbitrary restrictions. I personally am not that worked up…yet. To imagine that any restrictions could be put in place without angering some segment of the population isn’t realistic. My pitchfork remains in the compost pile for the time being. (Plus I can’t get seeds to plant anyways…)


Still. That’s terrible. Stuck at home and not even able to garden or work on the house?

I’m about to head to Lowe’s, here in OH, although, I guess I wouldn’t have started this bathroom project if I knew I couldn’t get what I needed.

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Thankfully I got most of my seeds back in early March when there were rumblings of shutdowns in some capacity. But I never really thought seeds would be unavailable. I wanted to get a couple bags of compost since my first batch of homemade stuff won’t be ready for planting, but that’s not happening.

IMHO, I think she’s punishing contractors and landscapers who were balking at the initial stay-home order. A lot of the smaller guys get their supplies from big box stores.

I just got back from both Lowe’s and Home Depot. Both were packed. While supposedly only allowing 100 in the store, nobody was enforcing it.

At this point it’s security (health) theater.


The Honor System is a tried-and-true method of enforcing such things with literally no downside. The fact that you don’t see it means it’s working. :slight_smile:

Throw her out of office. Have a sit-down in front of the garden center and get arrested and fined/jailed and take it cheerfully, saying someone had to speak up against the insanity. To me, civil disobedience and taking the rap and punishment cheerfully can sometimes be a good way of honoring authority. Have the sit-down protestors six feet from each other and six feet from all plants…

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As I write this, there is a drive-in protest around the state capital. All the protestors are remaining in their vehicles in order to observe social distancing, but the whole place is gridlock. Everyone is honking their horns and waving signs and banners. I’m not participating because I’m an essential worker and have responsibilities to both my employer and my clients. That’s why I’m also not keen on getting arrested for trying to buy seeds, but if I didn’t already have my seeds and if I were out of work, it would be very tempting.

I don’t know if this traffic jam in Lansing will result in anything than venting our collective frustration, but it certainly is causing a ruckus.


Oh, don’t ever underestimate the effectiveness of such protests. Sorry you can’t join the rabble-rousing fun.`

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