Louisiana House guts controversial abortion bill, removes murder penalties for moms

No courage. No historical understanding. No desire to end abortion.


This will be repeated across at least 49 of 50 states as Roe is reversed (I believe), and the reason is the refusal of pastors to preach the Word of God. It is not the world that is the problem, but the Church. We have rebelled against serving as the pillar and foundation of truth. We have lost our savor. We have hidden our light. The people of God have told Keller and Mohler and Graham and MacArthur and MacDonald and Driscol and Sproul and Duncan and Ferguson precisely where and how to scratch them, and it was over and done.

Those who kill their unborn children in the womb are never going to elect men who say “no” to their trafficking in the blood of their babies. Child sacrifice demands rulers who wink or turn away from the fires of Molech. Love,


What would be the potential “one”? Oklahoma?

Keller’s doubling down on his refusal to preach about abortion; influential Southern Baptists are crowing in an overturning of RvW being their accomplishment; British Christians still can’t be bothered to say hardly anything about abortion.

All this, and Dane Ortlund still thinks today’s Christians are too busy trying to obey God and too obsessed with trying to live out his law. Ortlund’s God is desperately afraid that we might be thinking too highly of him.

God have mercy on the church.

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British Christians still can’t be bothered to say hardly anything about abortion.

Yes, that’s my reading as well of the lie of the land here.

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I wonder if the bill has any criminalization against complicit fathers.

Roe gutted the father’s legal responsibility for the question of abortion. But with Roe off the table (hopefully) legislation can grow some teeth.

IF it can get past the folks who would stand in it’s way, like the ERLC and national right to life committee.

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