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Which was the union card: the MDiv or a degree from Gordon-Conwell?

This sort of thinking is found in most denominational traditions, although it is expressed in different ways. With variations in the detail, I came across it a lot in the particular Pentecostal movement I grew up in - the A/G, who (like Fundamentalist Baptists) had their own “denominational snobbery” in spades.

What twigged me to the problem was as a young man of 19, having a quiet word from my Dad’s assistant pastor about the ‘hype’, as I saw it, which marked the Pentecostal tradition. His own background was Open Brethren; he said that in that particular tradition he had seen far too much of an attitude of “We are the wise and wisdom will die with us” - and that it really concerned him that he now saw a lot of that same attitude in the A/G and other Pentecostal movements.


The MDiv…

From our Catholic friends:

The heads of all the religious orders had met in Rome for their annual conference and for some reason got into an argument as to which order was the holiest and therefore the closest to God. The Franciscans emphasised their commitment to the poor, the Redemptorists to missions, the Dominicans to preaching, and the monastic orders, for their commitment to isolating themselves from the world.

In the midst of this unseemly spectacle, a piece of paper fluttered down from the roof, and when they looked at it more closely, they realised that it was a communication from the Lord Himself! It read:

My dear children

It makes me so unhappy to see you bickering like this. You are all equally precious to me, all equally loved and all equally important. Please fulfil my Son’s command to love one another and be as one.

Love, God (SJ)

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That’s pretty funny.