Justice Barrett and Stephen B. Clark

Here’s a piece on Justice Barrett’s background, spiritually, and the key work our friend, Stephen B. Clark, did founding that community. Much good came from this group. I attended their Allies for Faith and Renewal Conferences back in early eighties. Packer, Harold O. J. (Joe) Brown, Don Bloesch, Paul Quay (son of Eugene Quay cited by Alito), Joe Sobran were also there off and on. No superstars and wonderful fellowship. It’s where I met E. Michael Jones. He told me about his magazine and I have subscribed since. Anyhow, despite the source, have a read. I found some of the links more helpful than the piece itself.


Good read. As someone with several PoP families as neighbors, friends and homeschool co-op members, I’d found the abundance of confidently incorrect claims about the group baffling.

Several of the names you mention are familiar to me through The Rockford Institute associations, so those indirect connections to PoP are also interesting…

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