Jane Austen Redux of Awesomeness

New Warhorn Media post by Nathan Alberson:


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Y’all’s picks were spot on.

Knightly is absolutely the right pick for best Austen hero.

I want to say that Lizzie is the top Austen heroine, but when I actually think about it…I can’t really argue with Emma. She starts off a bit of a jerk, but that makes her all the more likeable when her transformation takes place.

P&P and Emma are definitely the top tier Austen novels. I almost like Emma better, but as @jacob.mentzel was saying, P&P is the one I would give to someone new to Austen.

Side Note - I watched the 2007 Northanger Abbey movie, and Felicity Jones does a really good clueless heroine. Whoever they got to play Henry also does a good job being dryly humorous.


Nice, me and Mrs will have to give it a try.


I somehow missed this but have been re-reading (listening to) all Austen’s novels in the past couple months. Looking forward to having a listen!