IVF morally right?

(Jay Tuck) #22

Not going to lie… thought this was going to be about Intervarsity. They’ve been stirring up strife in our congregation.

(Ross Clark) #23

In time, pastors who oppose IVF (and I understand why), will have to be very wise in how they broach the topic around children who were conceived that way, as well as how they then deal with the parents. Thoughts?

(Tim Bayly) #24

Only one: you are right.

(Ross Clark) #25

To get the ball rolling - what should we say? And not say? I honestly have no idea, but I do think that the questions, and answers, matter. So I would welcome people’s views, and even disagreement.

(Daniel Meyer) #26

Dear @Hobbit,

What a child conceived through IVF need is mostly compassion and encouragement—to have had a sterile, clinical aspect to your beginning is weird, and he’ll feel that. And he may feel survivor’s guilt because of all the other brothers and sisters that were likely killed by the doctors who picked him to keep. These are burdens he bears, and we should bear one another’s burdens.

Another part of the burden he bears is to hear the evils of IVF denounced. The church must not shrink back from denouncing these evils—lives are at stake! Along with that preaching and teaching, what has to happen is a coming alongside those who were conceived this way and encouraging and bearing burdens.

This would be the case for any other hard thing that needs to be taught and preached and you know of someone in the congregation who’s affected personally—you preach it straight and you go encourage the weak and fainthearted, both.