Intellectual Property Attorney?

Anybody know a Christian intellectual property (IP) attorney that you trust? That’s a lawyer that specializes in copyrights, trademarks, etc. If so, could I get some contact info?

@acmcneilly, I sent you a direct message, as I am a Christian IP attorney.


Great, thanks, Daniel!

Well now…

That’s a pleasant surprise!


Glad I asked! I like this Sanityville place.

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And I’m sitting here thinking…I never thought I’d hear anyone say (type) those words!

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Thanks for speaking up, Daniel. Also, Brian has a friend at his former firm in Indy who does IP and has helped us in the past.


If none of the above works out, I can introduce my brother-in-law, whom I know is trustworthy.

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Thanks, Steve. I think we’ve got it covered for now, but glad to have references!

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