How long for effeminate complementarianism?

(Joel Norris) #21

Thanks for the encouragement, Pastor Tim.

Here’s an anecdote that came up in my teaching on the virtue of prudence. To me, and in my teaching, prudence is the wisdom to know what action is called for in each particular situation. To borrow a military analogy, prudence might call for a strategic withdrawal or it might call for a surprise frontal assault, either depending on the specific situation, and a good commander will do either depending on the conditions. But to one of my listeners (not a scholar), prudence connoted rationalization of cowardice. I was disappointed to see that prudence had this connotation, but I wouldn’t be surprised that many men are acting “prudently” in this manner nowadays.

(John M. ) #22

This analysis isn’t identical to what went wrong with political conservatism over the last 50 years, but it definitely rhymes.

(John M. ) #23

I’ve got your name written here in a rose tattoo, Bnonn.