How can God be immutable and glorified?

How can God be immutable and glorified at the same time? Can our praise add anything to him? What does it mean that God is “pleased” with men at various times if he is immutable? How is it that Christ had joy set before him? Does this imply that A) humans had some hand in bringing joy to God and B) that Christ had less joy before? How can either of these be true if God is immutable?

To sum up: When we glorify God, do we affect him? Or only ourselves?


As much as our obedience can add to his authority.

It is the state of our perception, not the state of God’s being. At all times God is pleased with righteousness and angry at sin.

I think this description applies to Christ in His human nature.

Only ourselves.

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God glorifies Himself. When He glorifies Himself, does He glorify Himself? God has decreed we are to join Him in this work, and this too for His Own glory. So yes, when we glorify God, we glorify God.