Hopefully, this goes down the memory hole

Just thought I’d share this delightful little page from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management: IDEM Nonrule Policies.

So… if it is a “nonrule”, am I allowed to “noncare”?

Has anyone else seen crazy examples like this? It’s hilarious… but also terrifying. It is the outworking of the administrative state. It’s also interesting to note how I discovered it. We received a letter at the church from the City of Bloomington Utilities administrative office that we had failed to perform some test. I was looking over their letter to us to try and figure out who was even requiring us to perform the test. The only indication in the letter of who required it was the acronym, “IDEM”. I did an online search for that, and found out about Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

But it does make me wonder: is the test itself a “nonrule”?


Strange enough to make me do a couple minutes of googling, but it seems nonrule vs. rule is a distinction about whether regulation will be done through application of specifically written policy (rule) or handled on a case by case basis (nonrule). Possibly an analogy would be civil law (rule) versus common law (nonrule).

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