Governor Beshear Singles Out Easter Gatherings

Now that worship services have been singled out specifically for this type of treatments, for those of us in KY, is it time to start thinking about civil disobedience?

Every time I’ve been to Walmart, half the people aren’t wearing masks, and in the aisles, ain’t no one staying 6 feet apart. More people go through a single Walmart in 30 minutes, probably by a factor of 4, than can fit inside our church building.

The measures proposed are completely unenforceable anyway, especially if enough people do them. Feels like the Governor is starting to act a bit too big for his britches, moving from actual leadership to lording it over certain people.

If the service is done in an orderly manner, everyone wears masks, and the number is planned and limited so everyone is 6 feet apart…why not? As long as the spirit of the law was kept, it would be safer than going to the grocery store.

I honestly wouldn’t have even thought about defiance of this type, and have been thankful for Beshear’s boldness and leadership the past few weeks (barring some exceptions), but calling out something specific like this really rubbed me the wrong way.

I’m curious what everyone else’s thinking is about this.

Honestly, the governor’s demeanor seems reasonable to me. Is his threat sinful or unlawful? Maybe, I’m not familiar enough with KY to tell. If it is, so what?

As a father, does my sin get mixed in with my commands? Yes, even though I try to guard against it. Does it give my children a reason to disobey? Nope, not usually.

Let’s suppose I’ve given a command to my children that I think is important for them to obey. If I expect one of my children to soon be facing a temptation to rebel, will I try to head it off by telling them specific consequences of that disobedience? Yes, that is a tool that I will sometimes use.

I view this situation as a similar one. Gov. Beshear knows that he has a group of people who are tempted to disobey, and he is trying to head off the issue before it happens. His means of doing so may or may not be good, but this still seems like an attempt at wise leadership to me.

If this is the situation, I would be inclined to think that Gov. Beshear’s order should be obeyed, and God is showing you where you personally are tempted to rebel.


Thanks for the response.

Looks like our AG put out a much more reasonable response, especially in light of our Mayor Fischer’s attempt to go beyond even the Governor’s orders.

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A judge also put in a restraining order to keep the mayor of Louisville from this nonsense. I think we will soon see some civil authorities begin to push back against these abuses.


Which is entirely appropriate when abuses occur. Thankfully we have a decent system for handling such problems.

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