Four ways Bible scholars betray the Church

(Tim Bayly) #42

Yes, and did so knowing maybe the majority of those most supportive of our work are engineers and techies. There are countless jokes about engineers’ inability to communicate emotionally, and I’ve simply assumed men here know this liability and how it limits their ability to understand Scripture at times when they miss the forest for the trees. Didn’t mean to insult anyone. Love,

(Tim Bayly) #43

For years we’ve been trying to arouse interest in a better NASB minus most of the italicized words and phrases added by the translators. A translation adhering closely to the original Greek and Hebrew with the text copyrighted for integrity only, not profit. It could be done for maybe ten or twenty million. Know anyone who would be its patron? Doug and I would love to help it along. Love,

(Joseph Bayly) #44

Here’s an interesting article I just stumbled upon that explains the corruption of BDAG in particular on that particular word.

(Bnonn Tennant) #45

That is extremely interesting, and sadly consistent with the academic echo-chamber. Much appreciated, thank you. Now if I could only go back in time and not make those comments about the NKJV taking liberties with the text…