ESS and Evangel Presbytery

Is ESS (Eternal Subordination of the Son) an Evangel “denominational” distinctive (i.e. taught at New Geneva, required affliction for membership, etc.) or do several Evangel pastors just happen to hold to it?

Membership in an Evangel church requires making a believable profession of faith, not a particular system of theology or particular doctrinal position.

Being an officer requires subscription to the Westminster Standards.

ESS has never been discussed at a presbytery meeting.


As Joseph said.

Beyond that, though, I’ll add that none of our pastors have ever, so far as I know, identified themselves as “ESS.” We’re just normal Nicene Trinitarians.

For those wondering what revisionist libs in the PCA and OPC oppose in orthodox Trinitarianism, check out this helpful post (Subordination in the Trinity: The original position of non-Arians - Warhorn Media). Love,