Encryption is more important than the Second Amendment

I think you may be better off framing encryption as a kind of defensive weapon of the like already protected by the Second Amendment. Or even just comparing it to the right to bear arms without taking a position on which of them is more/less important.

When you say, “This is more important than the right to keep and bear arms,” what the Second Amendment guys hear is, “H*** yes, we are going to take away your AR-15 and your AK-47.”


It’s definitely purely defensive in a way that guns are not, since it does no harm to anybody else while using it. @AndrewHenry pointed out to me that a gun is effective for protection even when it’s not in “use,” but the whole reason it is effective is because of the physical harm it can cause. Encryption cannot cause harm, and it’s for that very reason that it cannot be protected by the 2A. So I don’t see how it can be framed that way. I mean, I can just say that all who are in favor of the 2A should be in favor of a an amendment prohibiting the government from outlawing encryption, but… that’s kind of boring. :wink:

And the attitude of Christians toward a “right to privacy” is that it doesn’t exist and that it is just a front for abortion “rights.” I’d rather not stir up that hornets nest directly.

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I’m sure this says more about me than Joseph, but I actually like that he overstated his case a bit. If you are reading Sanityville or Warhorn and you’re not ready for some salty, contrarian takes that catch you off guard, why are you even here bro?


The government thinks like this:

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Trump: “They have the keys to so many criminals and criminal minds, and we can do things.”

In a statement, Apple said it provided gigabytes of information to law enforcement related to the Pensacola case but that it would not build a “backdoor” or specialized software to give law enforcement elevated access.

Trump told CNBC on Wednesday: “They could have given us that information. It would have been very helpful.”

The president said he’s not concerned about his relationship with Cook or Apple because the stakes are so high.

“You’re dealing with drug lords and you’re dealing with terrorists, and if you’re dealing with murderers, I don’t care,” Trump said.

Of course, Apple doesn’t have the information or they would give it. They don’t have the keys, either. Though they could indeed rewrite the software to be insecure and unprivate and get most people to update by also adding some new emojis at the same time.

And Trump’s position is very appealing to common sense and appeals to the common good.

But although guns make outlaws and murderers more dangerous and harder to apprehend, we judge the cost to society of taking away guns to be worse. The same is true of encryption today, except it is not protected and the president is effectively trying to get rid of it.


Not encryption, but seemed somewhat relevant.

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