Covid: The Church's UsToo moment

In a long thread about Covid vaccinations, Ben Carmack said he doesn’t think worldlings are much interested in the Reformed ghetto. To which another commenter pointed out that lots of people are interested in [shouting about] Covid. To which I here voice my agreement, adding: It’s certainly not only men in our Reformed ghetto who are wacko over Covid.

Everyone’s wacko over Covid. That’s why Reformed men are wacko over Covid. The Church always follows the world. Look at the Corinthians. We always tell ourselves we’re leading. Jerry Falwell thought he was leading. John MacArthur tells us he’s leading. I’ve listened to lots of pastors tell the world they are leading and maybe they actually think they are? John Sider thought he was leading. Al and Rusty think they are leading, but have you read “The Grace of Shame?”

FWIW, this vet thinks the current Covid frenzy is best summed up by Mark Twain: “Hain’t we got all the fools in town on our side? And hain’t that a big enough majority in any town?”

Let me be clear: I’m not against throwing the bums out of office for cultivating this present year and a half of narcissistic neuroses we call “Covid,” but what we have already swallowed in encroachment dwarfs what is forced on us today and there is nothing about what’s going on today inside or outside the Reformed gheto that gives me any slightest hope of repentance and reform among the people of God, let alone our return to the pulpit once more leading the world. Love,

It seems like many in the Reformed Ghetto reject CRT, but then turn around and use the logic of CRT to claim that laws of neutral applicability are religious persecution against them. You could say the restrictions are an overstep of the authority of the government, but I don’t think you can reject CRT and affirm what happened so say, Coates as religious persecution.


Is not the widespread return to the idea of popular sovereignty a good sign? It used to be that people just accept the encroachments. Now people are at least waiting for someone to lead them to stop this nonsense.

Also I’ve seen in my own circle a renewal in kuyperian thought, father-led homes and society, robust worship. You all have been instrumental on this. Case in point: a year ago I would not have thought twice about having a woman highschool teacher in a Christian school. Not anymore. It’s the little things. Be encouraged, the ship is slowly turning, but turning indeed.