Celibate Same-Sex Couples?


This is really bad.

  1. Is it really more disruptive for children to have their same-sex guardians separate to pursue holiness than to have them continue living together and figuring out sexual purity by “trial and error?”
  2. For as much scorn as has been heaped on evangelical “purity” culture (much of it warranted), Living Out has become its mirror image. As others have pointed out, there is an obsession with regulating external behaviors without addressing sins of the heart. What’s worse, even the externals aim for the bare minimum.
  3. This is just my opinion, but I don’t think anyone can receive “physical intimacy” from someone they have been sexually active with without it becoming “sexual intimacy,” at least not without a radical break from the previous context into a new one. Let these men (former same-sex coupe) greet one another as brothers in the church, hug, and yes, even a holy kiss. But that is all very different from snuggling on the couch.
  4. The way this article talks about sexual sin is so absurdly contrary to how the Bible talks about it. Didn’t Jesus say to cut off your arm and pluck out your eye rather than be given to lust? Why then are these men so precious about their living arrangements and need for “physical intimacy” from the person they’ve been sexually immoral with?

Thanks for this brother. I’ll be sharing it with as many as possible who I know are currently influenced by this rot.

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Actually, even this should be changed radically from the way they greet others. Think about a couple that had been committing adultery and stopped. Propriety dictates that their public interactions also indicate a cutting off of their private sin.


You’re right. I didn’t think about that aspect of it.