Book suggestions for unbelieving friends

Can we at least agree that the Grinch probably read a lot of Ayn Rand? The Whos down in Whoville liked mindless altruism a lot, but the Grinch who lived just north of Whoville did not. He lived for himself. Just like those heroes John Galt and Howard Roark. Until he was tragically corrupted at the end.

The Cat in the Hat feels like more of a pure nihilist, but that might just be me.


Agreed on Clark and Robinson. I’ve seen a lot of bad fruit from their writings over the years.

Well, since we died down on the Ayn Rand convo I thought I would follow up and share that I took Pastor Tim’s suggestion for the book Born Again by Chuck Colson and also threw in a Baseball history book (something to appeal to his youth and that might wet his appetite for reading). I really considered Pilgrim’s progress but I think language would be a major barrier and culturally he just might not relate.

Overall I really appreciate everyone’s suggestions. Particularly the suggestions for the Ralph Moody series; these are exactly the kind of reading I was looking for him. I think those will probably end up on my book shelf for our family and I might lend them out to my father-in-law or just buy them in twos as we work through them.

Like I said before, I do appreciate the roll of Ayn Rand in literature and even philosophy, but for “suggestions for unbelieving friends“, I have to admit she has had more impact within atheist circles than within faithful communities. In some ways she takes what is most interesting of Nietzsche and pairs it with what is most abominable of Marx. In the end she scratches us where we itch. But again, not really on my list of good reads for unbelievers or even new believers. It requires a carefully discerning mind to spit out the bones from that author.


We once had the pleasure of hosting “The Bookening Bros” in our home. I’ve never felt so ashamed as when Brandon saw the Ayn Rand on our shelf.

I remember hearing John Piper tell a funny story where he decided to look up his own name in an index of an Ayn Rand biography… and it was there!


Was it a rubber hose? I don’t know why they consented to such torture, but I find that far more disturbing than your book choices.


The nice thing about the editing feature is that now no one knows what you’re talking about…


Don’t let @hhtuck fool you, Joseph. It was the worst hosing of my life. The hosting on the other hand was amazing.


All, FYI Life Together is the free audiobook this month (March 2020) at


Perfect. Thank you Pastor @tbbayly for the suggestion and the @danielmeyer for the notification on the free audio. Downloaded now.

This was such a helpful thread time to resurrect it.

My father in law really enjoyed the Chuck Colson book so now I’m moving on to Bonhoeffer’s Life Together and Ralph Moody’s Little Britches. I have a feeling these will end up being a staple.

It seem all this time socially distanced from the family is giving him a appetite for reading. Hoping to encourage him with simple Godly truths. I was thinking perhaps Trusting God, by Jerry Bridges. I think the reading is easy enough, but maybe deep. Still I think he could benefit from it going through this season of COVID-19 without the usual support of his family.

Still welcoming more suggestions. General criteria: not very high brow and relatable.