Book recommendation: anti feminism for women

My wife is wanting to make a book recommendation for the women’s group at church. A good intro to biblical femininity. I was thinking of recommending to her to “Eve in Exile”. I’m curious about other recommendations for good lay-person intros.

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My wife has never read but has heard good things about Dodds’ “The (A)typical Woman”. She likes “The True Woman” by Susan Hunt and suspects that some of her other books would be good, too.


I like Eve in Exile. I can’t think of many others I’ve read on the subject.

They probably wouldn’t go for That Hideous Strength.


Atypical Woman is very good. Dodds speaks truth clearly and unapologetically, without falling into the error of some conservative women, who say true things because it makes them feel edgy and against the grain.


It’s not a book, but Lutheran Satire has a brilliant video on feminism too.