Body check

This is a community. I think. I wonder?

As you all know, we have been asking for support this past month. So far only 39 men have responded and we’re barely above ⅓ of the $60k we need to enter 2023.

I just tweeted this:

Our Warhorn work doesn’t get ads from Bible publishers or puffed by CT/Challies/Aquila Report or printed by Tyndale/Crossway/Zondervan. Warhorn lives humbly through support of patrons. This means you. Please support us. Still need $40k for 2023. Thanks! Church & Religious Organization Fundraisers | Fundly

I’ve found myself wondering how many of us here on Sanityville have supported this work beyond what we write here? Trust me: I always have and continue to do so. Not just by not taking any of the money given to support my work or any of the royalties, but with Mary Lee’s and my personal donations.

My own observation has been that gratitude is not the long suite of Santityville participants. So I ask each of you to try it. Saying “thank you” is godliness. I never stop thanking the men who do the work of Warhorn. Try it yourself. Send Joseph, Lucas, Alex, Jake, and Nathan an email. Send them money. Wish them a merry Christmas.

Do it now.

With affection,