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Sickening, snatching glimpse of mutual backscratching among poser Reformed intellectuals. They disdain straightforward preaching of Jesus and writing of Paul. Ask them to give simple yes/no: Were Jesus & Paul intellectuals? If yes, tell them u can’t see any resemblance. #hireling

GRACE report on staff/elders/pastors’ coverup and sexual abuse at Tenth Presbyterian Church released eleven days ago:

Rejoiced in beautiful plighting of troths tonight. What joy! Single women, don’t settle. God’s plans for each of us are perfect.

Again & again Mary Lee/I have watched & taken joy in His timely, long-awaited provision of spouse for single women/men. In His time. Trust Him.


Liam Goligher resigned last night & Tenth’s Session must also resign. Their coverup partnership w/their senior ministers Phil Ryken & Liam Goligher is now fully documented. Philadelphia Presbytery needs to have called mtg to appt Commission to lead church for next year. #fearGod

Lombroso discovers in habitual malefactors a tendency to tattoo their bodies; but this kind of cuticular ornamentation indicates merely a low development of the æsthetic sense, a barbarous conception of the beautiful or what would be called bad taste, and has not the slightest genetic or symptomatic connection with crime and the proclivity to perpetrate it. As a means of embellishing the exterior man it may be rude and unrefined, but after all it is only skin-deep, and does not extend to the moral character. Honest people of the lower classes take pleasure in disfiguring themselves in this way, and soldiers and sailors, who are very far from furnishing the largest percentage of criminals, are especially addicted to it, simply because they find ample leisure in the barracks and the forecastle to undergo this slow and painful process of what they deem adornment.

-read today in “The Criminal Prosecution and Capital Punishment of Animals” by Edmund P. Evans, 1906 (a book of legal history)


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Second ½ of conversation w/John Ensor turns to abortion, beginning w/diff between responses of Chinese Christians & US/European Christians to preaching guilt of abortion. Also criminalization of abortion, contraception, incrementalism vs abolitionism…

There’s obviously some disturbing stuff in this report, but I was troubled by the unbiblical/extra-Biblical worldview that permeated the language of the report. “Trauma-informed”? Any thoughts on that, Pastor Tim?

It’s awful. GRACE is paid by Tenth, remember. Of one mil GRACE receives each year, only $200k is from donations and the rest is fees they charge to the people they are purportedly providing an “indepenent investigation” for. I’ve opposed GRACE from their beginning, but in this case despite the things they hide and their financial incentives which required them to minimize other horrors, that they got a lot of it out in the open is something to thank God for. Love,


When God’s servants fall?

  1. Pray lest we ourselves also fall (Galatians 6:1 ff.).
  2. Gently restore repentant.
  3. Those continuing in sin, rebuke publicly, and w/out favoritism, so sheep are warned (1Timothy 5:20-21).
  4. Hate even clothing polluted by flesh (Jude 1:23).

Name even one vote for Pres. Trump threatened by 3rd party Rep. Cheney. She’s delusional

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Wrangling over House Speaker nothing new. 1850 began w/63rd ballot finally electing Speaker Cobb. 1859 House took 45 ballots to elect Speaker Pennington and many/most everyone on House floor and up in balcony armed.

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Are you entrusting your soul and the souls of your wife and children to a "Reformed Church?” Then you must listen to this:

"Those churches are full of people crying out, ‘Stop comforting me. Stop educating me. Will someone please tell me my sin? Will someone please tell me my sin?’

‘No. No, we won’t. We won’t tell you your sin.’”

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Did anything interesting happen after that?

Yup, all across the south, secession and war were ginned up by newspapers and politicians telling southerners the north would free their slaves whose “hellish lust” would then be given free reign:

Much secessionist rhetoric played variations on this theme. The election of Lincoln, declared an Alabama newspaper, “shows that the North [intends] to free the negroes and force amalgamation between them and the children of the poor men of the South.” “Do you love your mother, your wife, your sister, your daughter?” a Georgia secessionist asked non-slaveholders. If Georgia remained in a Union “ruled by Lincoln and his crew . . . in TEN years or less our CHILDREN will be the slaves of negroes.”

“If you are tame enough to submit,” declaimed South Carolina’s Baptist clergyman James Furman, “Abolition preachers will be at hand to consummate the marriage of your daughters to black husbands.” No! No! came an answering shout from Alabama. “Submit to have our wives and daughters choose between death and gratifying the hellish lust of the negro!! . . . Better ten thousand deaths than submission to Black Republicanism.”

McPherson, James M… Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era (Oxford History of the United States Book 6) (p. 243). Oxford University Press. Kindle Edition.

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Audio available

The millenialists we’ll always have with us. History is strewn w/fiery religionists promoting political rebellions. It’s also strewn w/carcasses of credulous young men panting after religious heroics.

Fight in defense of your flock. Just out: Postmillennialism: A Biblical Critique - The Gospel Coalition


World’s in uproar. Women leading UPenn/MIT/Harvard testified on Capitol HIll they couldn’t say precisely whether they would allow protesters to call for genocide of little babies. The presidents said “It would depend.” #dissinformation

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It’s pretty startling how much this country has changed since September 12, 2001.

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Prognostications: Wheaton’s next prez will be a woman. #UsToo