Bayly's daily 01/09/23

Two! Two Trinity Reformed Church guys have worked for Sidley Austin now. What a hoot. (Sure, they wouldn’t like that word “hoot.”) Mark Koontz and Mick Buschbacher join Michelle Obama & her husband as former employees. $3 bn annual revenues. 11th largest US law firm. They might be the highest paying law firm in the nation.

Oh yeah, buddy! Friends in high places. Such a time as this…

New year’s resolution? Remind yourself each day, “He who began a good work in [me] will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus” (Philippians 1:6).


There’s no higher calling than motherhood.

Except fatherhood. #father

What does manosphere do with Samson telling Delilah to cut his hair? It’s all the woman’s fault? Seriously!? #father2son

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I suppose they would say that his mistake was giving into the nagging? :slight_smile: I’m familiar with the popular idea that Delilah represents an unfaithful woman, but I can’t think of a particular essay and especially not from that corner of the Internet.

I had always thought of Samson’s father as faithful, too, though perhaps foolish to not more carefully inquire into the events that his son withheld from him. And perhaps careless in arranging the first marriage.

In ChronicleHigherEd, gay man complains Purdue Pres Mitch Daniels hasn’t shut down street preachers. Think abt that. What’s significant is not that Daniels hasn’t shut them down, but that doc student is incensed he doesn’t.
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POLITICO’s headline reads “Next frontier in the abortion wars: your local CVS”

No. CVS/pharmacies have always been THE MAIN abortion battleground. Hormonal birth control has always been abortifacient. Christians have just refused to admit it. We want fewer children and thus have always killed our children w/pills while picketing PP.

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Read the book that exposes compromises being made w/LGBTQers by Christian celebrities today. Read the book that explains carefully why those compromises won’t work. Learn to really love LGBTQers, with real faith.

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Frank Pavone speaks for 1st time since Vatican defrocked him—tomorrow at 3PM then 7:30PM (ET). Pavone heads Priests for Life. Reformed Protestants will want to hear what he has to say abt state of Vatican/RCChurch. 3PM: Defend Life

Here’s an excellent review of Olasky’s just-released “The Story of Abortion in America.” Olasky’s counsel of compassionate conservatism WRT abortion is bad in all his usual ways. But wait! What’s good is the book’s first review by Nebti17. Read it.

Reading this review of Olasky’s new book on abortion is perfection. Olasky should be ashamed. Crossway should be ashamed. Writers of the blurbs should be ashamed. Olasky/Crossway r charging $38 for it on Kindle!! Don’t miss review. Mark it “helpful”

2 famous friends consider themselves paragons among Christian controversialists. Both men diss any man to their right. Both men’s favorite diss word is “strident.” Both men r certain they’re great strategists. Both men greatly contributed to decline of Church & Her witness. Sad.

Concerning the 2 famous friends who style themselves generals, Church 2day has had enough of Lincoln’s generals always blowing the bugle and marching but never fighting. What we need is Gen Grant. Apostle Paul. No wonder everyone loved Donald Trump. No wonder Piper felt hurt

And BTW, when I speak of the “fight,” NOT speaking of the culture war. Real battle always inside Church. Then, when the church reforms/stops killing our babies, the pulpit goes on to lead the world. #goodshepherd

Christians in Web3 Summit @ Oral Roberts University: from speakers’ bios: “Dr. Brigette Marx is the founder and CEO of XARA CAPITAL. She obtained a doctorates degree …and has traveled to more than 25 countries obtaining, much valued, experience…” Speakers | Christians in Web3 Summit | Forum12

You could add our Texas Attorney General to that list. Like Grant, Patrick has flaws, but in the words of my attorney sister-in-law, “Patrick sues all the right people.”

And, like Samson (also a very flawed man), Trump busted up the right sorts of things.

You don’t have to be flawless to set yourself against idols fit for destruction.


Oh yes, it’s snowing! Please Lord, make me white as snow. Isn’t this why we all love snow falling? It covers the rot and decay with perfect whiteness, pointing to our death ushering us into glorification when the rot and decay of this life finally ends.


Snopes verdicts of “true” or “false” are often lies.

Life begins at conception? “That’s false.”

Parents transitioning their children are child abusers? “That’s a lie.”

Abortion is murder? “That’s a lie.”

Snopes is only dependable when they’re tracking the obvious. They are never truthful when they are rendering a verdicts concerning anything even remotely involving morality, God’s Moral Law. #Snopes


Really, men; I have never been hesitant to name names when I judged it to be helpful. You all know that very well, so when I don’t name names, I do wish you wouldn’t demand I do so.

One other thing: both these guys are lifelong friends and I write, not to recommend that you stay away from them, but that you learn to discriminate between soldiers in movies they themselves produce and star in and write the history of because they declared victory and to the victor belongs the spoils—principal among which is writing the history of the battle (on the one hand), and soldiers who are bloody and despised for it, like the Apostle Paul.

Our decadent age and its church have a lot of tin soldiers who present themselves as colonels or generals, and accrue to themselves lots of foot soldiers, while never fighting the actual evil in their own ecclesiastical domain. They pontificate on all the evil out there. They debate it. They build encampments. They give disquisitions on the blasphemies of Goliath and even get arrested for yelling at him (which they never stop doing). But there’s no discipline inside the camp.

This is Paul’s humiliation so visible in his letters to the Corinthians. Rome isn’t his enemy out there. He’s dealing with the health and purity of the Household of Faith, and all bloody in thanks for those labors of love. I’ll stop now. Love,


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