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Memo to Elton John: The New York Times always says “God is dead.”

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If you are tempted by this perversion, don’t listen to this pope. He makes it easier for you to get comfy w/your sin. Rather, focus on God’s “no.” He is the Judge Eternal. Live by faith that He Alone matters. Turn to Him in faith. Pope Francis says homosexuality isn't a crime, calls on church leaders

The podcast “Out of Our Minds” is back and we just began series on preaching. First episode’s on “pulpiteering.” Nathan, Jake, and I start by discussing what is it & what’s wrong with it? Don’t miss it! Out of Our Minds | How to preach, Part 1

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On that note, this piece made for an interesting and challenging read:

Historic Accusations Against Catholic Church in Pope Benedict’s New Book — Charisma News

This re-inforces a view I have had for a while: that the problem with the requirement for priestly celibacy, is that for a very long time, it has given gays a way of ‘hiding in plain sight’.

Audio No. 4 of “Abortion and the Church” Chapter 1 (Bloodshed of 20th century), Section 2 (Abortion’s consequences—sex selection, IVF, cannibalization of babies’ body parts) Abortion and the Church | Audio 4: Abortion & the Church; Chapter 1 (Bloodshed of 20th century); Section 2 (Abortion's consequences—sex selection, IVF, cannibalization of babies' body parts)

That note gives me another opportunity to recommend an exposition of this very point, made by a Jesuit priest addressing a meeting of others in his monastic order. Entitled “What Went Wrong?”, Mankowski presented an analysis of how the homosexual abuse scandal festered within the Roman Church through much of the 20th Century.

A key section of his exposition makes the very point Ross raises:

. . . being an honorable station in society, the clerical life provided high grass in which many villains and disturbed individuals could seek cover. I would estimate that between 50 and 60 percent of the men who entered religious life with me in the mid-70s were homosexuals who had no particular interest in the Church, but who were using the celibacy requirement of the priesthood as a way of camouflaging the real reason for the fact that they would never marry.

It should be noted in this connection that the military has its own smaller but irreducible share of crypto-gays, as do roughnecks on offshore drilling rigs and merchant mariners (“I never got married because I move around so much it wouldn’t be fair on the girl…”). Perhaps a certain percentage of homosexuals in these professions can never be eliminated.

I further believe that the most convincing explanation of the disproportionately high number of pedophiles in the priesthood is not the famous Abstinence Makes the Church Grow Fondlers Theory, but its reverse, proposed to me by a correctional officer at a Canadian prison. He suggested that, in years past, Catholic men who recognized the pederastic tendency in themselves and hated it would try to put it to death by entering a seminary or a monastery, where they naively believed the sexual dimension of life simply disappeared. It doesn’t disappear, and many of these men, by the time they found out they were wrong, had already become addicted. This suggestion has the advantage of accounting for the fact that most priests who are true pedophiles appear to be men in their 60s and older, and belong to a generation of Catholics with, on the one hand, a strong sense of sexual mortal sin and, on the other, strong convictions about the asceticism and sexual integrity of priestly life.

To homosexuals and pedophiles I would add a third group, those I call “tames” — men who are incapable of facing the normally unpleasant situations presented by adulthood and who find refuge, and indeed success, in a system that rewards concern for appearance, distaste for conflict, and fondness for the advantageous lie. In sum, the social prestige and high reputation that attached to the post-WW2 priesthood made it attractive to men of low character and provided them with excellent cover.


Why not “Doug Emhoff visits Europe to raise Holocaust awareness and fight abortion; calls on Jews to stop living in the past; to show some concern for the genocide here and now.” Doug Emhoff visits Europe to raise Holocaust awareness and fight antisemitism : NPR

“the homosexual abuse scandal“

This seems to go almost completely unnoticed. It wasn’t a paedophilia scandal, at least not in the main.

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Except that sodomy and pederasty are two peas on a pod, historically. They still are today, although no one utters, or even allows himself to think, that truth.

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Audio of Warhorn Media post, “Sheep May Safely Graze (2)” Pornography may not be the worst of the evils the internet has rained down on us. Lies are the internet’s stock-in-trade and our sheep feed on them constantly. Warhorn Blog Posts | Sheep may safely graze (2)

Gotta famous friend who’s famously post-mil. Tried to push me there (unsuccessfully, I might add). Gave me his book. Always thought it’s more a function of his personality (optimism/triumphalism) than exegesis.

Ever wonder if Edwards died a post millennialist?

Me too.

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Once you know this, you can’t avoid seeing it. Remember how monkey pox was everywhere in the news, right up until the point that (certain) toddlers and dogs started contracting it?

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Indeed - what do pastors know about the input (good, bad, indifferent) their flocks are getting off the Internet?

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