Authority Figure: Rachel Green Miller?

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Carolyn Custis James…


I explained already. There was a complete lack of interaction with Rachel Miller’s words. He provided a summary as though it represented Rachel Miller’s position. I asked her – she denied it was the case. The bulk of what he writes focuses upon what he thinks should have been in the book. If he wants to write his own book, great. Calling that post a review is preposterous. Shadow boxing. Posturing. It is effeminate.

For the FINAL time. I’m done participating on this thread. I’m asked to make my case. I point to what I’ve already said. Someone responds with loosely related (or not related topics) that I interact with. I’m then asked to make my case again. I point to what I’ve already said. What’s the definition of insanity? Feel free to not answer as I will not be responding.


Thanks Peter. If you ever read the book I’d be interested in reading your reaction to it.

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Some quotes from RGM to consider in this review.


Everything is about women, both in the church and in the civil realm.

Thanks, Joseph. I decided to “mute” the discussion since I’m bowing out of it.

I just started reading Rachel Miller’s book. When I finish it, I might start a thread sharing my own review.



That passage could have been titled “Why the Bible is wrong about men and women”. Or “Did God really say?”

We’ve gone through the looking glass, folks.


Peter, you keep attacking him. That is my problem. He didn’t attack RMG, but her work. You may not like what he said about it, but he didn’t attack her. You, on the other hand, keep attacking this brother.

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Dear Peter,

I’m only one, but I’d really appreciate it if this woman didn’t get any more bandwidth due to our decisions to grant it to her. The world thinks she matters so leave her boring rebellion against God and His Word for worldlings. They’ll like it and, meanwhile, we have work to do. But again, I’m only one. Sincerely,


I’m praying to have this attitude, but it is discouraging to see so many women promoting this book. It does inspire me to keep telling my kids to do the hard work and read and study the Bible. I tell them there are no short cuts to growing in wisdom. Seek the Lord through His Word.


I’ve vacillated on whether to drudge this post back up, but since it wasn’t locked, I thought sharing the Mere Orthodoxy review would be of interest, as it is a site that I expected might have a favorable opinion of Miller and her work.

Spoiler: they didn’t.


Aimee Byrd is offering her version of Beyond Authority and Submission. Ugh.

Oh and the Revoice crowd is thrilled.

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hOw DaRe YoU aTtAcK hEr! ShE’s A mEmBeR iN gOoD sTaNdInG iN tHe OpC! y U h8 WyMyN?

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While it is not wise to argue against a position using guilt by association, I have to remark that the same people who started the dustup over Trinitarian relations between the Father and the Son are the same people who are now urging Reformed believers to cave to the feminist rebellion.

It seemed to some of us that the Trinitarian fracas was a play, and opening shot, to eventually get feminism smuggled into the church. Turns out we were right. Might it occur to the Reformed believers who frequent Sanityville that they could be some other things that Trueman, Byrd, Miller et al are wrong about?

This stuff is so boring.


So this is pretty much the response I got from someone I know that is on the board of a group that organizes women’s conferences. We had interacted about a year ago when the solicited my wife’s participation, as we had previously attended a church together. I declined because Aimee Byrd was the speaker and obviously I had concerns. Now apparently it’s open hunting season on my character.

Blockquote You are stirring up strife in the church, strife with your fellow heirs – your sisters and spiritual mothers in Christ. You need to stop your crusades and repent. It is time for you to be quiet and lead a quiet life…
That is what your words are, Ken. They are bloodless murder of your own sisters in Christ. > Blockquote

My exact words…?

“ > Aimee Byrd’s latest book is precisely why I was skeptical of [my wife] attending that conference. I don’t know if you are still involved in [the conference] but they seem to be moving in that direction as well.”

I’m not sure how she got ‘me murdering women with my words’ from that.

I’m a little fish in a big pond, but no doubt they will try the church equivalent of #metoo shaming me. Ugh.


Why would a Christian want to “recover” from something Biblical? If you recover from something Biblical you are by definition leaving the Biblical thing and opting for something not-Biblical.

Either she’s tipping her hand here or this is a major blunder of a title.


It’s an attack title.

Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood is famous book in conservative circles, the definitive book of complementarianism.

So this is an explicit rejection of what is taught in that book. So what is she teaching instead of complementarianism? Patriarchy, undoubtedly. LoL


But here is one of the coauthors Wayne Grudem, of Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, teaching a woman’s pastoral class. Oh the irony.


That’s because…