New Warhorn Media post by Nathan Alberson:

Sorry to hear about mayaaaaaa!

You can yell Tyler and Laura!!!

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Don’t think we won’t.

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Is Audible the way to go for audiobooks? Are their better options? I didn’t “feel” good about the free trial I had recently. It was weird. Its really my son who would use it. And if so, do they have everything? or are Audiobooks sort of like luxury items for only popular/newer titles?

Also I’m kind of trying to divest from Amazon at least a little bit, because they seem, you know, evil?

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I use two free options through the local library, Hoopla and Libby. Then, I also subscribe to scribd, which is 10/month all you can eat. I’m happy with it.


Highly agree with all Lucas’s recommendations.

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There’s also for books in the public domain.

You’ll have to sample the books’ audio to make sure the reader is decent, but they have tons of books a a lot of remarkable readers.


I lack the (minimal, I’m sure) patience to sort through Librivox, but I find Libby and Hoopla meet 95% of my needs. Especially since you can add more than one library card.

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I’d not heard of Scribd but looking around the website I’m quite impressed.

What has your overall experience been? Can you have multiple devices using the same account (your phone, wife’s phone, tablet, etc.)?

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I don’t think sharing the account is built in, but I suppose you could log in with multiple devices and share that way. Not sure whether you can listen using two separate devices at the same time.

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If you can afford the 16 per month, and can stomach doing extra business with Amazon, I do think Audible is the one-stop shop for Audiobooks. You can piece together everything you need or want in the other places, but Audible has most everything, old and new, in trust-worthy quality. If it’s irritating to you to have to piece together things in other places (what’s available in Libby or Hoopla, whether Librivox has good quality, etc.), Audible does solve those problems. For 16 bucks a month. Working with a big evil corporation that hates your guts.

I use it off and on, accumulating a few credits and then canceling. Helps me feel in the gaps. But I have to read Bookening books, and a pour through other reference and educational materials quickly for my job. I wouldn’t imagine most people who weren’t me wouldn’t be able to get by on Libby, etc.

One other possible option might be and as far as I know they have no connection to Amazon. If you pay month to month it is $14.95 a month but you can trim that by buying three-month, six-month and twelve-month subscriptions. You also get two books a month rather than one. If it has a drawback it may be that it does not have quite the inventory Audible does, so you might want to check their audiobook offerings first. But my wife has been happy enough with them that we wound up buying a twelve-month subscription! (The iPhone app works well, too.)