Answers to questions about capital punishment

New Warhorn Media post by Tim Bayly:


Helpful. I noticed Mr. Bailey only mentioned the death penalty for murder and false accusations of murder. The Law gives the death penalty for more crimes than thst: adultery, sodomy, cursing parents, etc.

I’m wondering what he’d say about those sins.

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I think his appeal to Genesis 9:6 addresses that. Capital punishment for murder, specifically, transcends the context of the Mosaic or Levitical law.

“This was not a special command given only to Noah or only to God’s people. And it was not repealed by the New Testament. It is a universal command to all men, in all places, for all time. No society, this side of Heaven, will ever grow or “evolve” beyond the need for this command.”

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Yes, I noticed that, but he also use Deut 19:18-19 to advocate for the death penalty for those who falsely accuse others. Why use the Law there, and not in other places?


Not Brian, but I would say for prudential reasons. Not all polities are alike. Some have higher levels of sin that others. Introducing the death penalty for adultery and sodomy now would be too far too fast.

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