A note of thanks

Warhorn (all of you),

I know these last 2 years have been especially troublesome, for all of us. Issue after issue we face, it seems. We don’t always agree on how to deal with them, but the brothers here are of one accord in a great many things. You leaders at Warhorn, Tim, Jake, Nathan, Joseph, Ben, Brandon, etc. have been killing it with the content. I first found out about you all from Reddit of all places, with a post about Nathan’s Star Wars Rey article. I thought, “I’ve found my people”. Keep up the good work, guys. We’ve never met in person, but we hope to rectify that one day.


We hope so, too. Thanks for the encouragement, my friend.


Thank you for the kind and strengthening encouragement @tesseract. Your words describe my experience exactly with this group of dear brothers for 15 years now and counting. Also, sounds like we’ll see ya in October :wink: