A little help from our developers, please!

If you’re a developer, we would be very grateful for your help!

We are getting an intermittent error on WarhornMedia.com that we cannot figure out. Depending on… something, the website will either serve you the page as you’d expect, or something like this:

{"version":"20211209","show_thumbnails":true,"show_date":true,"show_context":true,"layout":"grid","headline":"Related","items":[{"id":23513,"url":"https:\/\/warhornmedia.com\/2022\/04\/28\/a-mothers-perspective-on-the-discipline-of-children\/","url_meta":{"origin":23578,"position":0},"title":"A Mother’s Perspective on the Discipline of Children","date":"April 28, 2022","format":false,"excerpt":"In today's episode, I have a conversation about children and discipline with Mary Lee Bayly and her three daughters: Heather Ummel, Michal Crum and Hannah Weeks. Don\u2019t forget to pick up a copy of The Helpful Marriage Book by Tim & Mary Lee Bayly! Support our work: Support us here!\u2026","rel":"","context":"In "Out of Our Minds"","img":{"alt_text":"Out of Our Minds","src":"https:\/\/i0.wp.com\/warhornmedia.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2021\/06\/Banner_2-For-Featured-Image.jpg?fit=650%2C400&ssl=1&resize=350%2C200","width":350,"height":200},"classes":[]},{"id":15491,"url":"https:\/\/warhornmedia.com\/2019\/12\/15\/missing-dad\/","url_meta":{"origin":23578,"position":1},"title":"Joseph Tate Bayly, IV; missing Dad","date":"December 15, 2019","format":false,"excerpt":"This past week, I spent a good bit of time reading things Dad wrote during his life. Later in the day, I commented to Mary Lee, \"We are our fathers.\" I'm glad Dad wrote to teach us because I can go back over what he wrote and recognize again and\u2026","rel":"","context":"In "Out of Our Minds"","img":{"alt_text":"","src":"https:\/\/i0.wp.com\/warhornmedia.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/12\/IMG_2183-1.jpeg?fit=1200%2C900&ssl=1&resize=350%2C200","width":350,"height":200},"classes":[]},{"id":15068,"url":"https:\/\/warhornmedia.com\/2019\/11\/02\/every-healthy-marriage-is-healthy-in-its-own-way\/","url_meta":{"origin":23578,"position":2},"title":"Each healthy marriage is healthy in its own way","date":"November 2, 2019","format":false,"excerpt":"There's a brand of men who are tone-deaf regarding love and intimacy and think Adam being created first, then Eve, along with Scripture's command to wives that they submit to their husbands, comprise the entire operating manual for marriage and family life. Full stop. Yes, the Bible also commands husbands\u2026","rel":"","context":"In "Out of Our Minds"","img":{"alt_text":"","src":"https:\/\/i0.wp.com\/warhornmedia.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/11\/photo-1474552226712-ac0f0961a954.jpeg?fit=800%2C533&ssl=1&resize=350%2C200","width":350,"height":200},"classes":[]}]}

It’s not consistent, so we cannot figure out what’s causing it.

Does anyone else here have any ideas?

Thanks much!


PS It is a Wordpress site. And that’s JSON, not really an error per se.

I believe it’s a cache issue. That’s not the normal wp-json API response (e.g. here’s the response for that page, much longer with different fields: https://warhornmedia.com/wp-json/wp/v2/posts/23513)

The version":"20211209" caught my eye and I used it to find this line in Jetpack, which I’m guessing you’re using for caching. jetpack/jetpack-related-posts.php at 3bb2b3768e6275ee962557ba8b11031af5254265 · Automattic/jetpack · GitHub

I don’t know the solution from here, but I might try to either reconfigure Jetpack or disable it and use another cache temporarily. You could also get the paid upgrade of Jetpack and then contact Wordpress for support.

P.S. issues like this that seem to turn themselves off and on, on a WordPress site, are almost always cache or asset compilation issues (or both, at the same time! It’s so fun.)


Thanks very much, brother!

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Another question is: Who is your housing provider? Perhaps you could toss the question to them?

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