23. Pastoring in a transient community (Andy Webb and Jake Mentzel)

(Michael Foster) #1

Originally published at: https://warhornmedia.com/2018/12/10/23-pastoring-in-a-transient-community-andy-webb-and-jake-mentzel/

Michael interviews Pastors Andy Webb and Jake Mentzel on the challenges (and benefits) of pastoring in a transient community.

(Josiah) #2

So, this was fun to listen to, because I “pastor” in a transient community within a transient community as chaplain in Okaloosa County jail. Around here the money is pretty much in the military or in tourism. Our county is home to one of the largest military communities in the US, including a lot of folks who recently transferred from Fort Bragg. I’ve had more than a few folks from the Special Forces community come through our little gated community. (Hopefully none of them were from Andy’s church)
A lot of the same downsides are there, in spades. Some of the same upsides mentioned as well, particularly seeing rapid growth. Jailhouse religion is definitely a thing, though, and fighting cynicism is a daily battle. One upside though, if I make a mistake, there will soon be nobody around who remembers it.

(Tim Bayly) #3

Great last line, brother. With me it would be “when,” not “if.” Smile.

(Joseph Bayly) #4

One positive they didn’t mention is that you have people when they are in a transitional time of life, which means they are open to changing in major ways in a way that they aren’t most of the rest of their life.

The university profs recognize this and take advantage of it. As does Target. We should too.

(Jake) #5

Oh come on, I said something more or less thereabouts like that. Surely. :wink:

(Joseph Bayly) #6

Possibly I missed it. You were talking about new people coming in and providing fresh ideas etc. in the church, but I remember thinking this was what you would say first and then I didn’t remember hearing it at the end.

(Jake) #7

Lol, I don’t have any idea if I said anything like that or not and I’m not particularly interested in listening to myself to find out. It’s such an obvious point only an idiot like me could have missed it. :man_shrugging:t3:

(Crystal Laws) #8

Don’t worry, I heard it, Jake. :slightly_smiling_face: He mentioned students being at a time in life where they’re going through lots of changes and figuring everything out and how you can see the changes faster in them because they’re so ready for growth.

(Michael Foster) #9

I loved this interview. Andy & Jake played off each other well, especially in light of the recording challenges.

(Joseph Bayly) #10

Yeah, @jacob.mentzel told me the recording process was miserable. You switching to ringr for the next one?

(Michael Foster) #11

It was pretty rough. Anyway, ringr is the plan.